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Poser eh?

Is it possible to like being a poser? I don't think I'm a poser when it comes to my faith in Christ. I hurt Him with my sin, and I mess up alot, but I'm not a poser. I love Him, and I know I need to center my focus on the path He has made for me, because my path is crap. But I think I'm a poser in other ways. I'm not artsy, I'm not a music wiz, I don't know much about computers or technology, I'm not a great student, but sometimes I pretend I am great at everything I have named. Maybe that's not so bad. Maybe I'm a great illusionist. probably not. Sometimes I think I'm a poser even when I'm not. I can trick myself into thinking I'm fooling everyone but in the end I'm really trying to fool myself. I guess I'm not too good at that either. But that's ok. Maybe I'm not good at taking pictures, but I still love to do it. Maybe I'm not good at expressing my emotions through words, but I'm still going to do it. Maybe I mess wait, there's no maybe. I screw up alot. But I know through God's Word that if I repent on the inside, I will want to change on the outside. Whether I'm a poser or not, well, I guess that's truly irrelevant. I'm going to like who Christ is molding me to be. Do you like your faults as much as your greatest aspects? Love all of yourself, Jesus does.

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