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i felt like writing something

last week

i could freeze everybody else.
i could run away and hide.
hide away in the dark.
be by myself.
break my heart quietly.
fracture further.
cry silently.
shiver alone.
wrap my arms around myself.
love me.
be unconscious.

can't find me here by myself.
i could cry out.
but my throat is thick with fear.
people are passing by.
i saw you searching that night.
part of me wanted to break.
wanted to cry.
it's easy.
easy to hide.
to give up.
don't find me.
i want to go.

i found you later.
head sore.
heart sick.
i couldn't explain
why i run.
we cried.
somehow i wanted you to hurt.
because if i had left that night
i wanted part of you
gone with me.
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